Donnerstag, 17. September 2009

Update from Lulama 17th September

Today I called Lulama in order to discuss with her the handling of an account for Bonintwentle which still exists in Hillcrest.
She was extremely happy as we spoke, as she had begun to use the new building for a group of older children that she was looking after. The plaster work is finished, the windows have been glazed and only the door is still missing. That should be in in the next days.
But what pleased her most of all was that she had a visit from the local social workers engaged by the Department of social development. They looked at the school, assessed the information and files on each of the children, inspected the classrooms and toilets and pronounced the Preschool as being on Level 5 (which appears to be very high) as a rating for a local pre-school They have promised to help her in the future, and this hopefully means that some money will be made available to pay towards teacher's salaries.
So the prospects for quickly completing the painting of the new building, as well as buying some furniture and equipment for the newly-divided classes seems good. There is some money available and the Department has acknowledged the value of her work and their willingness to help with its further existence.

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