Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

The last bags go in...

The Workcamp Bonintwentle has come to an end. Leticia, Jara and Josefien are still in Mount Frere, doing some final cleaning up and supervising, and hoping also to get some rest after the rather stressful last two weeks of trying to get the building finished.

The plastering is being done by a local plasterer, who will also pour the concrete floor. Ceiling and final finishes will have to wait for the next workcamp, and so will the kitchen. But Lulama will be able to use the Kindergarten room some time next week and it will be quite adequate as a classroom throughout the next months until the cold weather starts again around June 2010.

Other jobs, such as the final installation of the plumbing and shower, another water tank, some playground equipment to replace what we took down, as it was rotten and becoming a danger to the children, will have to wait until this time as well.

But the team worked with real devotion for two weeks running through weekends and long days. Tom, Sophia, Sara and Lorenz left yesterday, and I left a short time later. Saskia, Xenia, David and Jelena left the day before and Achim and Kilian last week. Some have returned to Switzerland and others are traveling through South Africa.

Leticia, Jara, Josefien and I are now starting our Connectivity 2011 work, networking through projects in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We will keep you posted through the special blogs you will find on the homepage under IDEM BLOG.

A tremendous word of thanks to all those who participated in getting this work done, and particularly to all who supported it financially. Without you all, none of this would have been possible.

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